1. Working mode: continuous and intermittent.

2. Temperature control range: 10 ℃ – 75 ℃.

3. Amplitude range: 10-70um.

4. Intelligent CNC power supply, one key frequency search and automatic frequency tracking.

5. A variety of operation modes can be selected to meet the personalized needs of customers.

6. Multiple fault protection mechanism makes the system more stable.

7. The ultrasonic output amplitude is large, the cavitation intensity is high, and the sound field distribution is uniform.

8. The output power of the system is continuously adjustable.

9. The sound control system supports expansion and can meet large and medium-sized automatic production and operation.

10. The fault can run continuously for up to 6000 hours.

11. Static and cyclic operation, easy to optimize the production line

Post time: Aug-22-2022