• ultrasonic high speed homogenizer mixer for nanoemulsion

    ultrasonic high speed homogenizer mixer for nanoemulsion

    Compared with other processes, ultrasonic technology has good safety, no need of high temperature and high pressure, convenient maintenance and simple operation.
  • Ultrasonic dispersion mixer

    Ultrasonic dispersion mixer

    Mixed applications mainly include dispersion, homogenization, emulsification, etc. Ultrasound can effectively mix different materials with high speed and powerful cavitation. Ultrasonic mixers used for mixing applications are mainly characterized by the incorporation of solids to prepare a uniform dispersion, the depolymerization of particles to reduce the size, etc. SPECIFICATIONS: MODEL JH-BL5 JH-BL5L JH-BL10 JH-BL10L JH-BL20 JH-BL20L Frequency 20Khz 20Khz 20Khz Powe...
  • Ultrasonic liquid mixing equipment

    Ultrasonic liquid mixing equipment

    The mixing of powders into liquids is a common step in the formulation of various products, such as paint, ink, shampoo, beverages, or polishing media. The individual particles are held together by attraction forces of various physical and chemical nature, including van der Waals forces and liquid surface tension. This effect is stronger for higher viscosity liquids, such as polymers or resins. The attraction forces must be overcome on order to deagglomerate and disperse the particles into li...
  • 3000W ultrasonic dispersion equipment

    3000W ultrasonic dispersion equipment

    This system is for small scale thin viscosity liquids processing, such as CBD oil, carbon black, carbon nanotubes, graphene, coatings, new energy materials, alumina, nanoemulsions processing.
  • 20Khz ultrasonic dispersion equipment

    20Khz ultrasonic dispersion equipment

    Ultrasonic dispersion technology overcomes the problems of traditional dispersion that the dispersion particles are not fine enough, the dispersion liquid is unstable, and it is easy to delaminate.
  • Ultrasonic dispersion processor for nanoparticles

    Ultrasonic dispersion processor for nanoparticles

    In recent years, nanomaterials have been widely used in various industries to optimize the performance of materials. For example, adding graphene to a lithium battery can greatly extend the service life of the battery, and adding silicon oxide to the glass can increase the transparency and firmness of the glass. In order to obtain excellent nanoparticles, an effective method is needed.Ultrasonic cavitation instantly forms countless high-pressure and low-pressure areas in the solution. These h...