• Ultrasonic Graphene Dispersing Equipment

    Ultrasonic Graphene Dispersing Equipment

    Due to the extraordinary material properties of graphene, such as: strength, hardness, service life, etc. In recent years, graphene has become more and more widely used. In order to incorporate graphene into the composite material and play its role, it must be dispersed into individual nanosheets. The higher the degree of deagglomeration, the more obvious the role of graphene. Ultrasonic vibration overcomes the van der Waals force with a high shear force of 20,000 times per second, thereby pr...
  • ultrasonic graphene dispersion equipment

    ultrasonic graphene dispersion equipment

    1.Intelligent control technology, stable ultrasonic energy output,stable work for 24 hours per day.
    2.Automatic frequency tracking mode, ultrasonic transducer working frequency real-time tracking.
    3.Multiple protection mechanisms to extend service life to more than 5 years.
    4.Energy focus design, high output density, improve efficiency to 200 times in the suitable area.