You know what? The signal generator of the ultrasonic disperser generates a high-frequency electrical signal whose frequency is the same as that of the transducer of the ultrasonic impregnation tank. This electrical signal drives a power amplifier composed of power modules after pre amplification. After power amplification, it is coupled to the impregnation tank by the output transformer to generate ultrasonic waves. The magnetizing power supply provides the bias current necessary for the operation of the magnetostrictive transducer. So, what is its design principle?

Under normal circumstances, in order to enable the ultrasonic disperser to achieve the working conditions, the rotor and stator are often in a relatively high-speed state of motion. The shear rate between the dispersing machine teeth exceeds that of the sound wave. In the system, although it is necessary to test this phenomenon directly, the actual results have been achieved. It is equivalent to which ultrasonic devices. High speed movement technology accelerates the process materials and makes the fluid reach strong turbulence, so the purpose required in industrial process can be achieved. It is precisely because of this technology that requires high-speed movement. The dispersed materials can only be subjected to strong and seamless shearing, eddy current, extrusion, pressure relief, etc. between the rotor and stator, so as to achieve the effects of particle reduction, uniform dispersion, and good contact between phases. Also because of this high-speed movement technology, the processing time of materials is much less than that of traditional dispersion methods.

In fact, the ultrasonic disperser can effectively ultrasonic treat various liquids and mixed liquids by using the strong and uniform vibration energy of ultrasonic to achieve the purposes of homogenization, dispersion, emulsification, crushing, catalysis, etc. The generator panel is equipped with power switch, power regulation knob, frequency regulation knob, alarm indicator and power display voltmeter. The frequency adjusting knob is used to adjust the resonant frequency of the impregnating machine when starting; The power adjusting knob allows users to select the output power according to their needs to obtain satisfactory processing results. When the generator fails or the user uses it improperly, the PWM output signal and the working power supply should be disconnected immediately, and the alarm indicator is on. The power regulation is achieved by adjusting the DC voltage of the power amplifier unit by the thyristor voltage regulating circuit. Use the detection circuit to monitor the operation of the power amplifier. Once it does not conform to the set value, the protection circuit will work, cut off the DC voltage of the power amplifier unit and turn off the output of the oscillator. This can effectively protect the power amplifier of the ultrasonic generator from damage.

Post time: Nov-11-2022