The ultrasonic nano homogenizer adopts a stainless steel system, which can effectively separate the surface of the protective sample and the included microbial homogenization sample. The sample is packed in a disposable sterile homogenization bag, does not contact with the instrument, and meets the requirements of fast, accurate results and good repeatability. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, paint industry, petrochemical industry and other industries.

Unstable operation of ultrasonic nano homogenizer may lead to problems such as poor production and processing, uneven discharge, etc. If such problems occur frequently, they must be solved in time. First of all, let’s understand the factors that may cause the unstable operation of the equipment:

1. Improper operation. If the equipment is running at a high speed and cannot be operated properly, for example, the feeding equipment suddenly increases the feeding, or the nature of the material is changed, and the machine is not adjusted, which causes the equipment to be fast or slow, and the equipment is easy to run at a high speed and will not be stable. At this time, the equipment should be stopped in time to detect and avoid unexpected problems.

2. Improper handling of speed adjustment. Unstable operation at high speed is usually characterized by unstable operation at high speed under load. Speed regulation is a major indicator to evaluate the performance of the governor. If the speed regulation rate is too large, the speed fluctuation will be large when the load changes, which will affect the stability of the engine. If the idle speed is too high, it will increase the wear of the engine body. If the speed regulation rate is small, it will also cause unstable operation at high speed. Therefore, the speed should be appropriate, and it will not be too high or too low.

3. The fuel supply is uneven. If the centrifugal force of the adjuster is too large when the speed of the equipment is increased, in order to solve the tension of the speed regulating spring, the pull rod can be pushed to move the oil supply gear rod in the direction of reducing oil. Therefore, if the oil supply is unbalanced and the error is too large, the stability of the operation will be directly affected. Therefore, measures must be taken to achieve balanced oil supply.

Post time: Nov-11-2022