continuously ultrasonic food nanoemulsion homogenizer machine processor

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Nanoemulsion is being applied more and more to chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, health care products, printing and dyeing industries. Ultrasonic emulsification breaks down droplets of two or more liquids through 20000 vibrations per second, making them mix with each other. At the same time, the continuous output of the mixed emulsion makes the droplet particles of the mixed emulsion reach the nanometer size.





*High efficiency, large output, can be used 24hours per day.

*Installation and operation are very simple.

*The equipment is always in self-protection state.

*CE certificate, food grade. *Can process high viscous cosmetic cream.

*Warranty up to 2 years.
*Can disperse the materials to nano particles.
*Can be equipped with high-power circulating pump, viscous materials can also be easily circulated

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