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Ultrasonic extraction is based on the principle of acoustic cavitation. Immersing the ultrasonic probe in a herbaceous plant slurry or a mixed solution of plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers and green solvents can cause strong cavitation and shear forces. Destroy plant cells and release the substances in them.

JH provide industrial ultrasonic extraction lines of different scales and different forms. The following are the parameters of small and medium-sized equipment. If you need a larger scale, please contact us directly for details.


Frequency 20Khz 20Khz 20Khz 20Khz
Power 3.0Kw 3.0Kw 3.0Kw 3.0Kw
Input voltage 110/220/380V,50/60Hz
Processing capacity 30L 50L 100L 200L
Amplitude 10~100μm
Cavitation intensity 1~4.5w/cm2
Temperature control Jacket temperature control
Pump power 3.0Kw 3.0Kw 3.0Kw 3.0Kw
Pump speed 0~3000rpm 0~3000rpm 0~3000rpm 0~3000rpm
Agitator power 1.75Kw 1.75Kw 2.5Kw 3.0Kw
Agitator speed 0~500rpm 0~500rpm 0~1000rpm 0~1000rpm
Explosion proof No, but can be customized




1. Herbal compounds are temperature sensitive substances. Ultrasonic extraction can achieve low temperature operation, ensure that the extracted components are not destroyed, and improve bioavailability.

2. The energy of ultrasonic vibration is very powerful, which reduces the dependence on the solvent in the extraction process. The solvent of ultrasonic extraction can be water, ethanol or a mixture of the two.

3. The extract has high quality, strong stability, fast extraction speed and large output.

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