curcumin extraction dispersion ultrasonic homogenizer mixer machine

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Curcumin has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, more and more are added to food and medicine to improve human immunity. Curcumin mainly exists in the stems and leaves of Curcuma, but the content is not high (2 ~ 9%), so in order to get more curcumin, we need very effective extraction methods. Ultrasonic extraction has been proved to be a very effective method for curcumin extraction.

After the extraction is complete, the ultrasound will continue to work. The curcumin will be dispersed to the nanometer level to obtain a stable nano emulsion with high curcumin content. Many times, the workers will encapsulate these nano emulsions into nano liposomes and finally take them in liquid or capsule form.
1. High extraction effieiency and high extraction rate.
2. Low temperature extraction, green solvent, to ensure that the biological activity of curcumin is not damaged.
3. Stable nano curcumin emulsion can be produced.

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