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Ultrasonic extraction is mainly used in the juice and beverage industries to extract effective ingredients such as pectin and plant pigments. Ultrasonic vibration can break through plant cell walls, allowing the pectin, plant pigments and other components to flow out into the juice. At the same time, the ultrasound continues to work to disperse the pectin and plant pigment particles into smaller ones. These smaller particles can be more evenly and stably distributed into the juice. The stability of ultrasonically extracted and refined pectin is obviously enhanced. Injecting it into juices and beverages can prevent them from settling and delamination. The color of the plant pigments extracted and refined by ultrasonic is more vivid, which can significantly improve the color of juices and beverages.



*High efficiency, large output, and good biological activity of the extracted material.
*Installation and operation are very simple.
*The equipment is always in self-protection state.

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