Industrial ultrasonic liquid processor

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Ultrasonic liquid processor can be used for liquid dispersion, extraction, emulsification and homogenization. Such as: dispersed graphene, liposomes, coatings, alumina, silica, nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes, carbon black, etc. Extract Chinese medicine, CBD, protein, nucleic acid, etc. Emulsification: CBD oil, biodiesel, etc. Homogenization can also be used for cell lysis, tissue destruction, DNA construction, etc. 


Model JH1500W-20 JH2000W-20 JH3000W-20
Frequency 20Khz 20Khz 20Khz
Power 1.5Kw 2.0Kw 3.0Kw
Input voltage 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Amplitude 30~60μm 35~70μm 30~100μm
Amplitude adjustable 50~100% 30~100%
Connection Snap flange or customized
Cooling Cooling fan
Operation Method Button operation Touch screen operation
Horn material Titanium alloy
Temperature ≤100℃
Pressure ≤0.6MPa



1. The energy output of the equipment is stable, and it can work continuously for 24 hours.
2. Large amplitude, wide radiation area and good processing effect.
3. Automatically track the frequency and amplitude to ensure that the probe amplitude does not change due to load changes.
4. It can handle temperature sensitive materials well.


1. Our sales team has an average working experience of more than 5 years. Pre-sales can give you reasonable suggestions to help you choose the most suitable product.
2. Each application field has a corresponding engineer who can design more cost-effective solutions and products for you.
3. The responsibility of the production department is attributed to each employee to ensure that every step of production is more rigorous and the quality of the product is stable.
4. We have an after-sales team that speaks English. If you encounter problems when using the product, our after-sales team can give you direct guidance.

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